A Good Bahamian? Open Your Eyes



Bahamas, open your eyes. You have government politicians in this country right now insisting to you that being a “good Bahamian” means you should lie, cheat, hide and cover-up the truth, and turn a blind eye to crime and wrongdoing.

You know why they feel comfortable telling us this? Because to our heart, many of us as Bahamians still love corruption, deception and lies. These politicians are telling you that corruption is the Bahamian way, and so anyone who won’t be corrupt, lie and cover-up dirt, is not a good or true Bahamian.

That’s why crime and social ills are so high in this country – we lie, we cover up wrongdoing, we turn a blind to crime and criminality, and then call ourselves “Christian” and turn up our noses as though we are better than others in the region and world.

Open your eyes, and stop glorifying the glorifying of corruption and lies.

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