Dengue Fever – What Is The Status in The Bahamas?



Central Florida officials have announced confirmed cases of Dengue Fever in two counties there. This afternoon, a Bahamian stated on my Facebook blog site that her friend, also a Bahamian, was diagnosed in Nassau with Dengue Fever two weeks ago, and was twice hospitalized at Princess Margaret Hospital due to how sick she was from the disease.

Will the Ministry of Health confirm to the country whether we now have confirmed or suspected cases of Dengue Fever presenting at our hospitals and clinics? Dengue Fever is a disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes and is a disease that can be fatal.  Preventative and proactive measures are key and critical. Bahamians would likely remember the 2011 Dengue Fever outbreak in The Bahamas that claimed lives and sickened hundreds.

Also, since Central Florida has announced confirmed Dengue Fever cases there, what has been the government’s consideration of this, and does the government deem it necessary to implement screening protocols at our ports of entry, since Bahamians travel to Florida with heavy regularity and the majority of our visitors enter The Bahamas through the Florida gateway?

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