Christian Nation? The Bahamas Has Much To Answer For



When incidents of unlawful abuse or the like happen while in the custody of the State/Government, the State is always responsible – there is and never can be a just separation. In mature democracies where the rule of law, human rights and accountability actually matter, the government officials with responsibility for the areas affected would have quickly and publicly accepted responsibility for the abuses such as those that took place at the Detention Center.

The fact that not one single Minister beginning with the Prime Minister has done so, with the most vocal of these Ministers still arrogantly putting on an ‘I don’t care’ face to the Bahamas and the world; even though it is now publicly known that human beings were beaten and tortured while in the custody of the State, shows how sick our nation is – sick because we elected the kinds of people who would govern this way, and sick because numbers of us are still trying to defend and/or be tolerant of the wanton wickedness of this incident as though the human lives involved who God made mean nothing at all.

If you are a Bahamian and what has happened has not moved you, and all you see and are concerned about instead are the politicians you either love or hate, there is no God in you or near you – you can call God’s name and quote His scriptures all you like.

From the Bahamians who have been unlawfully abused and killed in the custody of the State, to the foreign nationals who have also been unlawfully abused in that same custody, we as a nation have a lot to answer to God for.

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