GB Casino Workers Remain Uncertain About Their Future – Anticipated August Announcement By Gov’t Never Materialised

WhatsGoingOnBack on August 7, Tourism Minister and Grand Bahama MP Obie Wilchcombe told the media that he planned to make an announcement “within two to three weeks” about who the government had chosen to become the new operator of Freeport’s sole casino at the Grand Lucayan Resort. That time period would have put the anticipated announcement to happen by the end of August. This is now the middle of September and that announcement has yet to be made.

Casino employees meantime are continuing to bemoan their uncertainty about their future. Not only are the 171 Bahamians employed there still in the dark about who might be set to take over the casino and what that might mean for them, but the casino is also about to undergo construction that will close its marquee restaurant, leaving about 20 Food & Beverage employees uncertain about what will happen to them during the construction period.

Few things are more stressful than not knowing what will become of your job. Grand Bahama continues to have the highest unemployment rate in the country. The government ought to stop ducking these workers and meet with them to give them the crucial answers they have been seeking for over a year.

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