So The Minister Says There Won’t Be Another Audit at NIB After All…

FAILI watched a news story where NIB Minister Shane Gibson said the audit of the NIB Prescription Drug Programme that he last month announced had been ordered, would no longer be done because the law calls for the matter to be handled another way and not via the audit that he announced.

I will keep it simple for right now by putting this to you – so, didn’t the law already say that when the Minister announced the audit was ordered? And therefore since the law says the audit the Minster announced ought not to have been done, doesn’t that then mean that the Minister announced an illegal plan to the public?

This is one of the many reasons the media in general needs to be aware of the laws of the land before reporting the declarations of the government on matters that are subject to those laws – if it intends to educate and inform the public of the facts and truth of a matter, that is.

This is also the reason we as Bahamians must always keep our attention focused on declarations by government ministers, to ensure that what they say follows the Constitution and the laws of the country. In a democracy the government must follow the law, and in a democracy citizens easily have their rights trampled upon when they do not know their rights and/or when they believe that whatever the government does is automatically legal, simply because it is the government carrying out the act.

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