Politicians Getting Rich At Our Risk – Oil Drilling

WAKEUPBahamas, I know that current events frustrate you enough to make you want to tune it all out, but for your sake and the sake of your children you need to wake up and pay attention.

The Bahamas has sunlight almost 365 days of the year, so we are a prime spot for solar energy to provide power. We also generate tons of waste/trash each year, so we can produce waste to energy solutions – both clean renewable energy options. Instead, the government has struck a secret deal with foreign speculators to mess up our precious seabed “looking for oil”. Why do you think that is?

They say it will benefit you – yet you know nothing at all about it. How is something supposed to be for you, but the details of it are being kept from you? That’s because it’s not for you – it’s for certain politicians who are getting greased by this greasy oil deal that’s being kept secret from Bahamians.

Our tourism numbers and revenue are already down. Our fishermen have said this year has been the worst in decades. Our sand and sea is how we live and eat – yet a handful of politicians are putting all that at risk to grease their pockets. They are making these moves because we are silent and not checking.

Bahamas – when what you have is gone, these guys are gonna disappear too and leave you with the mess to suffer. The 242 needs to wake up and stand up.

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