The Legal Minds Of The Bahamas

balanceThe Bahamas has a significant number of lawyers. What an asset to the country and to democracy it would be if more of the trained and skilled legal minds of this country take a stand, raise the alarm and initiate cooperative pushes to protect the Rule of Law when they see regulatory actions, legislative initiatives or proposed legislation they know violate the laws of The Bahamas and/or our Supreme Law – The Constitution. Every lawyer cannot get the top-dollar or big-named client, but every lawyer can play a role in protecting and strengthening their democracy.

That everyone, including layers, needs to make a living is a given. Nevertheless, if it isn’t for politics or in the defence of a high-profile client or case, we don’t hear public arguments or see pushes of social and democratic significance by our legal minds for the most part. That is a shame and disgrace in a country that actually (and somewhat laughably) prides itself on being closer to “first-world” status than its brothers and sisters in the Caribbean.

Ours is a nation of laws, but the lawyers are among the most silent in the bunch when it comes to the Rule of Law in our country. Much of the legal knowledge that can benefit the nation is sitting silently in the heads of those trained in law – only to be heard when most lawyers stand to personally gain from revealing it. So much knowledge and hence empowerment can be added to the general population if those who have keen legal knowledge would stop being so selfish and greedy with it.

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