You Are Weakening Yourselves Without Realizing It

WAKEUPTake off your political blinders and/or your hurt over the General Election for a moment and understand the following: many Bahamians probably don’t realize this, but this constant chant that “Bahamians asked for this” in terms of all that the government is doing now, is actually dis-empowering Bahamians instead of empowering them.

The reality of the situation is, Bahamians by and large did not ask for what is being done to the country now. Sure it can be argued that people didn’t give due care and attention to why they voted the way they did, but when Bahamians voted, they did not ask to be abused, victimized, violated, economically and politically raped, and socially manipulated. They had very different things in mind when they voted, whether those things were fully based in facts or not.

When you push that message of “you asked for this”, what you are actually telling Bahamians is they are incapable of solving or pushing back against what is being done to them now, because their inherent thought-processes are flawed. In other words, you are telling Bahamians they cannot trust their own ability to recover from or reverse what they are seeing happen to them. When people lose trust in their own ability to fix their problems, they forever become and remain victims. They throw up their hands in helplessness saying “there is nothing we can do” and simply submit to whatever is being done to them.

You are actually telling Bahamians “sit down and take it cuz you deserve it” while at the same time telling them “stand up and fight”. Do you understand now why your chanting is not having the effect you may be hoping for?” No citizenry deserves to be violated – that is a slave’s mentality. Governments are elected to do a job. Stop telling one another that they deserve for elected officials not to do their job in a democracy – you are weakening yourselves by doing this.

There were many factors that played into the results of the 2012 General Election – the most potent of which many key people are refusing to be honest or forthcoming about. Stop beating one another down in the manner in which we have been taught to do, and start encouraging one another to do what is necessary as a people to bring about change – not simply of a Party in power, but of the quality of citizenry that is better able to recognize when, how and by whom it is being manipulated, and how to beneficially respond to the same.

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