Put Dese ‘Lil Bahamians In Check

SUBMITSo, once again, the Prime Minister says he wants some foreigners to come and talk to us about VAT. Here is the inherent insult in this – to believe if foreign faces talk to us, then suddenly we will all fall in line and submit because we are not sensible enough to understand these matters on our own and we need people “with sense” to talk us down. This is how Mr. Christie factually and truthfully sees Bahamians.

He put forward the same idea recently when he said “the IMF (International Monetary Fund) needs to come talk to the people.” The IMF? Did any of you see “IMF” on the ballot on May 7, 2012? The IMF is the PLP government’s boss – not ours. It’s that idea of “let someone foreign come talk to these ‘lil Bahamians so they could get in check and shut up.”

If the PLP Government cannot explain VAT to us, then all that shows is that they are doing someone else’s bidding with VAT and even they don’t fully understand what they are trying to force on the Bahamian people.

The country voted for the PLP – why do we need foreigners to come in and explain to us what our own government is doing to us? This colonial, ‘let “the man” talk sense into them’ mindset is a wildly flagrant insult to all Bahamians.

We don’t need anyone to come in and convince us of anything – give us the Bill you, the government, are withholding from The Bahamian people. Contrary to what the Prime Minister and others appear to think, there are Bahamians in this country who can read, think, analyze and comprehend for ourselves.

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