Releases On Bail Can Be Blocked By The Attorney General

HOAWhen the Bail Act was amended in 2011, it gave the Attorney General the ability to appeal the decision of a Judge to grant bail to a person charged with the highest classes of criminal offences in the country. And if the AG appeals the bail order, the person cannot be released on bail until the appeal is decided on by the Appeals Court.

This means that the AG can today & at any time intervene in what she and the government say is an excessive number of persons being released on bail for serious offences, because once the AG appeals the bail, the defendant cannot go free. No referendums on this are needed – it is already the law.

The question to the AG is this: of the over 400 persons on bail for serious offences that the Prime Minister spoke of last week, how many of their current bail orders have been reviewed and appealed, as allowed by law?

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