A Shallow Way To View Our Deep National Challenges – Battle Of The Age Groups

sundialBeing older doesn’t automatically make a person obsolete and a hindrance, just as being younger doesn’t automatically make a person innovative and up for the task at hand. In order for us to advance we need the wisdom and experience-minted skill of older Bahamians of integrity, as well as the fresh eyes and initiative of committed, hardworking younger Bahamians. Bahamians who say all the older people need to step aside are being short-sighted and arrogant, just as are those Bahamians who block younger people from the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities.

Older Bahamians shouldn’t intentionally stifle growth and opportunity, and younger Bahamians shouldn’t let their youth fool them into believing they know more than they actually know. The battle of the age groups isn’t new, but what would be new is if we stopped looking at each other as the enemy based on our age and stage, and instead started to respect and evaluate each other based on our individual merits – no matter the age and stage. I’m in my 30s. I know productive and wutless older Bahamians, and productive and wutless younger ones. I’m young and wise enough to know that age by itself ought not be an automatic qualifier or disqualifier when it comes to taking this country forward.

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