Public Servants, Salary & The Government

OURMONEYIsn’t it outrageous that when public officers protest labour-related issues for several hours, the government immediately flies up and threatens to cut their pay for several hours of demonstrations off the job – yet hundreds of public officers and those contracted by the government are faithfully reporting to work every day for weeks and months at a time with no pay at all, and the government won’t say a word about that though it has been happening now for almost two years straight.

Public officers and government-contracted workers all over this country have been relegated to slave status by their government; working without being paid, which is illegal in this country. The worst part about all of this though, is that so many Bahamians in the public service or under government contracts are so scared of their own government, that they wont speak up and speak out about the government breaking the law, violating them as workers and increasing hardship with respect to their unpaid salaries.

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