Anyone Who Gives This Government An Easy Road Is No Friend Of The Nation

WAKEUPIt is more than a disgrace what members of the Opposition are choosing to do AT THIS SPECIFIC TIME with their internal Party affairs. The ONLY thing the Opposition should be keeping the country’s focus and attention on right now is the national budget – the most important piece of legislation tabled in any given year and the legislation that is going pave the way for the economic decline of this country. That is what a NATION-MINDED Opposition would be doing at this specific time. With all the fraud and fiscal improprieties of this 2014/2015 Budget, and with the disasters in play and on the horizon because of this Budget, Opposition members are directing attention onto themselves, their ambitions and internal Party business – and off the business of the Bahamian people. This is now the second budget year in a row this has been done. It just goes to show. The government is being given such an easy road to destroy this nation that it ought to pay the Opposition gratuities for its consistent assistance.

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