To All Government Workers Who Are Not Being Paid…

WAKEUPWhy are you sitting quietly going to work every day and you are not being paid for months on end? Slavery is illegal now you know – so why behave as though you cannot or should not stand and speak out about the slave plantation that has become your workplace? Bahamas, you have got to get it out of your head that your government will eventually do right by you if you just sit small and wait it out. IF YOU ARE SILENT, THEY WILL CONTINUE TO ABUSE YOU. How long will you be satisfied with being too afraid to demand what is lawfully yours? Bahamians make noise about things that don’t even matter, but will be too scared to take a stand on things that matter most. For many of us, fear has now become an excuse, not a valid reason. In truth, many of us fear our own potential to create change even more than we actually fear victimization. Cut the black crab syndrome, come together and stop suffering in silence, allowing the government to break the law by not paying you what is due when it is due. This includes persons who claim their salary deductions are not going to the various institutions for which they are assigned.

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