Wake Up Bahamas Before It Is Too Late – A Vote In A Democracy Must Never Be Violated

WAKEUPBahamas, if you accept your government rejecting your democratic vote taken last January on numbers houses, you are opening the door for the government to have comfort with rejecting any other vote you make including your General Election vote. Do not allow government Ministers or people in the media who ought to know better, to deceive you or muddy the waters about how serious it is for a government to reject the will of voters in a democracy. Do not allow them to take advantage of lack of knowledge within the population, by telling you last year’s referendum was just a mistake and all the Prime Minister needs to do is apologize for holding it, and then he can go ahead and reject your vote and it will be okay. Rejecting a democratic vote is cause for removal of governments. A government must not reject your vote because they do not agree with your vote. If you accept this, you are saying “yes” to the actions of a dictatorship. Some of you are being told that since the vote was just about numbers houses, it isn’t that serious if the government rejects it. This issue is far bigger than a few numbers men. Your vote in a democracy is your will. It is never acceptable or excusable for your will at the polls to be violated by the government.

For those of you who are anxious to vote this government out, and you have also convinced yourself that the government knows it will be voted out next time so they really do not care – you are deceiving yourself. The present government does not plan on going anywhere anytime soon – and so if you, the Bahamian people, tell them it is okay to reject your vote now, you are emboldening them to take whatever steps they choose to rob you of your vote the next time you head to the polls. That is how serious and dangerous this matter is. The referendum was not a mistake. It was a democratic vote. The people voted, and said “no”. The government is only using the “mistake” line because the vote did not go in their favor. If the Bahamian people had said “yes”, would it still have been called a mistake? No. What they are telling you is since you didn’t vote the way we wanted you to, we will call your vote a mistake. So, if on Election Day they feel you may vote against them, just what do you think they may plan to do to make sure they stay in office no matter what “mistake” they think you plan to make by voting for other people of your choice?

Bahamas, know your history. General Elections have been stolen in this country before. What has happened before can happen again. Do not deceive yourselves. If the government is comfortable to rob you of your vote now, they will be comfortable to try to rob you of it again. Of all the scandals and mess that has happened thus far, what is getting ready to happen with the government rejecting the expressed will of the people is the most serious and most dangerous of them all. If there is anything that Bahamians ought to stand up against, it must be this. Many of you believe your vote is the only power you have to deal with a government. Now, the government has announced that even your vote is being taken from you. What will you have left then, if even your vote is no longer upheld? Wake up Bahamas before it is too late.

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