We Are Being Destroyed Due To Lack Of Knowledge – But We Can Learn, Together

golden-keyBahamians have been taught to glorify politicians. On the flip side, Bahamians have not been taught about their democracy, what a democracy is, how we ought to function in it, or even how The Bahamas specifically became a Nation-State. Bahamians are not taught in detail about our system of governance – many Bahamians cannot even tell you the name of that system. How many Bahamians have read or even seen their Constitution? Parliamentarians today are sitting up with the title MP or Senator and do not know Parliamentary Procedure from A – Z, though they were hot up to get elected/appointed.

There is barely a true grasp of history in the minds of many who occupy key positions in our country today (government, media, church, etc). And when I say history I mean our history as it really happened – not as revisionists try to whitewash it to suit their agendas. With no sense of history, you have no authentic sense of national identity. And those who don’t know or ignore their history are doomed to repeat it. That is why it is so easy to mislead the masses and stir up confusion about all the wrong things – it is because too many of us never learned what is right. And then there are many of us who do know better but are silent, or reject or ignore what we know is right for personal gain at the expense of our nationhood. Many of us with knowledge and information hoard it. We’d rather go to the grave with that information and insight than to sow it into the masses.

Our educational system is turning out more slaves than nation-builders – because if you cannot read, write, calculate, know who you are and know where you came from – your destiny is servitude. Our homes are turning out hurt people who are spending their lives hurting other people, in part because many of us become parents without having the slightest idea of what we are doing as parents. We are being destroyed due to lack of knowledge – but responsible use of social media can be one of the avenues where you can get the information you need.