Prime Minister Makes Stunning Indictment Of Police In What He Says Was A Police-Involved Killing In His Constituency

INVESTIGATEAt a funeral service this past weekend, the Prime Minister reportedly said the following, as printed by the Tribune today:

“The last time I was in this church, it was for an equally tragic occasion,” Mr Christie told the congregation at the Voice of Deliverance Ministries. “I was here with a constituent’s mother who was burying her son and whose son had written her a letter indicating his concern that because the life he led exposed him to so many different challenges that he was not sure how long he would live. “The letter was printed in the funeral programme. Police were investigating a robbery. They found him in my constituency, mistakenly thought what he had in his hand was a gun and shot him and killed him…”

DOES THE PRIME MINISTER REALIZE THE SERIOUSNESS OF WHAT HE HAS SAID? When did an officer(s) of the Police Force kill an unarmed man in Farm Road & Centreville? The Police Force never told the country this. And if this is so, what action has been taken by the Force in this matter? When is or was the Coroner’s Inquest for this matter?

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