You Don’t Have To Be A Politician Or Have A Big Name To Make A Big Difference – Two Year Anniversary Of “According To Me Sharon T”


“According to Me Sharon T” turns two years old today. Can’t believe two years have flown by already from the wee hours of a morning in September when I decided to start this journey with you and be part of the difference I wanted to see. A SPECIAL THANK YOU to all my dedicated readers, page fans and contributors on every island and worldwide. YOU ARE AWESOME. If I can make an impact as a regular Bahamian – you can too. No, we don’t all have to do the same type of thing to make an impact, but we all have something in us to contribute. Regardless of your age, gender, status, money, skin color, who you know or who you don’t know – your voice & contribution matters and is important. It’s simply on us to move from MAKING EXCUSES TO MAKING A DECISION to do what we must to change our lives and our societies. Think about what you want to see in your own life, then get up and begin to be it and make it happen. You are not powerless, many of you just need to change how you see yourself. Let’s stop waiting on someone else to rise up and be our deliverer. Let’s stop waiting on someone else to stand up and set us free. YOU BE YOUR LIBERTY. #Education #Information #Dedication #Liberation #ChangeYourNation THANK YOU EVERYONE! THIS WORK IS FOR YOU!


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