This Immigration Charade Is Exactly That – A Political Charade Designed To Appease, Distract And Deceive

WAKEUP#1 – YOU WANT REAL EVIDENCE OF WHAT A CHARADE THIS IS? If the government planned to send droves of illegal migrants back home this year, WHY DID THEY CUT THE BUDGET FOR REPATRIATION THIS YEAR BY $700,000, DOWN TO $500,000 FROM THE $1.2 MILLION THAT WAS BUDGETED THE YEAR BEFORE? Think Bahamas, THINK! Repatriation costs MONEY. If this was your plan, the budget should have been INCREASED, not CUT by $700,000! That’s an over 58 PERCENT CUT in the repatriation budget this year. You supposedly planned this as a government so as to start to “fix” The Bahamas, yet you cut the budget to do so by over HALF, even though you increased recurrent expenditure in the budget for other things this year by $49 million?

#2 – A question thinking people should ask themselves is this: how is the illegal immigration problem in THE BAHAMAS being DEALT WITH now? What is different in this “campaign”? NOTHING, because no new laws or policies were announced – what was read off to you was the IMMIGRATION ACT that has been in effect for DECADES, and picking up illegal migrants happens ALL YEAR ROUND, it is not new. But it was put to you as though it is new, and Bahamians have fallen for it. Announcing a “date” of November 1, followed by buses heading out on that date picking up people this weekend and making a show of it was a STAGED INCIDENT. There is nothing new about picking up migrants. Even Minister Mitchell had to come out and say it himself after things that he orchestrated started getting crazy.

#3 – Migration issues require a true national and holistic approach. Did you notice this campaign was not announced by the government along with national stakeholders, but a single Minister whose boss (the Prime Minister) came right behind him and spoke as though he was not a part of that decision having been made? That’s how you know that no true national plan had been put in place. If this was something the entire government, along with all stakeholders both in and outside The Bahamas had planned and meticulously worked out, you would have seen and known that. It wasn’t – but that is the type of approach needed.

#4 – This current Immigration charade is a POLITICAL CAMPAIGN ploy, this isn’t about fixing our Bahamas. But Bahamians are too easily led astray by feelings without critical thinking. No one is saying illegal immigration is not a problem. It is a problem WORLDWIDE. What I am saying is, wake up and realise when appearing to target immigrants is being used to gain political mileage and make Bahamians believe you are doing something positive for a change since everybody is angry with the government right now. It is a gimmick, and it is using human beings as the targets of the gimmick. The person who sold Bahamian visas to Haitians this year is still creased up in the Ministry under the protection of the powers that be, and Bahamians are talking about the government is now “doing their jobs with Immigration?” WAKE UP. We didn’t have a single bit of outrage over Bahamians selling visas or passports, but we are outraged over foreign migrants though. Bahamians destroying the country and selling it out and we sit with our mouths pinned up. CORRUPTION is a big factor in our illegal migration issues. Where are the Bahamians who should be getting hauled off to jail for their involvement in corruption in Immigration, at our borders and in our waters? No, a few buses will be sent out to pick up a few migrants to make Bahamians believe that the government is suddenly cleaning up the country, and YALL ARE FALLING FOR IT. Our illegal immigration problem does need a TRUE national plan, but Bahamians who call themselves God-fearing, but who watch CHILDREN without parents be carted away in tears like they are not human beings but cattle, and you are screaming, “yeh, too bad, carry dem” – need to look in the mirror at your soul and question who is truly the God of your soul. You are being deceived by politicians because of your own mindsets that are easily manipulated.


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