If Our VAT Dollars Are Not Going To Be Used To Reduce Our Debt, We Need To Raise Hell

VATINFORemember the video below from January 2014? International agencies have already said that if the money the government is now getting from us for VAT is not going to be used to cut down the deficit, then VAT will not prevent The Bahamas’ credit from being downgraded. Prime Minister Christie announced at the beginning of 2015 that his government plans to take the VAT money and spend it on other things. This is not what the country was told about the reason we needed VAT. We were told we needed VAT to cut down our debt.

Now the government is saying it is going to take the money and put it into “infrastructural projects”, etc. Many of us know exactly what that means. Elections are around the corner and our VAT money is the perfect stack of loot to dive into. You cut our standard of living and the disposable income of the poor and middle class with VAT claiming the pain will be worth it because VAT will fix our debt – and now as soon as VAT begins, your talk about the plans for our millions in VAT money has changed.

If our VAT dollars are not going to be used to reduce our debt, if wasteful and corruption-based government spending is not cut, and if the government plays favorites with which businesses get to turn over the correct and full amount of VAT they have gotten from us, we need to raise hell.

Video excerpt from January 2014 – According to Me Sharon T on YouTube