Students Of Deep Creek Middle School Learn That Their Voice Matters & They Can Make A Difference

OURNATIONSYOUTHI’ve just completed an interactive Skypecast with the 9th grade class of Deep Creek Middle School in Eleuthera on the subject of Language, Literature and Activism (video excerpt below). The Skypecast was a part of the School Without Walls program at Deep Creek Middle School. During this 7-week program, students have looked into subjects including what is activism, who is an activist, activism through art and music and activism within the community. This week, the discussion with me centered on activism through language and literature. A special thank you to Ms. Sophia Smith, English Teacher at Deep Creek Middle School for offering me the privilege of speaking to her students, and a special shout out to the awesome 9th grade class at Deep Creek for your participation and your openness to learn how you can make a difference in your life, community, country and world.

VIDEO EXCERPT – Deep Creek Middle School 9th Grade Skypecast

Skypecast Snapshots – Deep Creek Middle School, Eleuthera

Deep Creek Skypecast Snapshot