Helping Marathon Victims – The Bigger Picture

balanceWhat has happened to Nassau victims affected by the gas spill in Marathon is more than just an environmental disaster. It is an humanitarian disaster. Justice must be sought against those at fault and those who kept this information from Nassau residents. This is a human travesty. Human lives have been impacted. What are some of the immediate ways forward?

LAWSUITS: We do not have class-action lawsuits as they exist in the United States. Any resident who wants to sue Rubis needs a good lawyer/good firm – and that costs money. But many residents most certainly cannot afford to hire teams of lawyers to go up against a major international company. How do we help them fight this battle before the Courts? All of our learned, hot-shot, camera-friendly or firm-heavy attorneys out there – what can you do to be a part of the way forward in this regard? This type of thing does not happen to people every day. No doubt residents do not know what should be their next step in trying to go before the Courts or even how to begin to try to do so. Courts, lawyers, judges, spokespersons – all of these things can be very intimidating for the average person. When you factor in plain shock and confusion, our skilled and competent legal minds need to get in and truly help these victims – now. Those who have offered/provided free legal advice thus far are to be commended.

HEALTH – Have you stopped and put yourself in the shoes of residents to imagine the fear, anger and confusion they must feel now knowing they and their children were consuming poisonous and cancer-causing agents since late 2012? Every day they have to wait on medical testing is another day of living in fear of death. What can medical professionals here come together to do for them? During the stem cell debate a while back, prominent doctors here argued that The Bahamas has some of the world’s best physicians and technical expertise to police and manage such an industry. So, what are those skilled, learned medical minds doing by way of formulating a practical way to help, whether residents can afford to pay up front or not? The testing needed will be more than what is covered even in a standard annual physical. Instead of colluding with government to pull off what is truly an election campaign scam called National Health Insurance, how can immediate care be provided for this nation’s health crisis in Marathon?

As the shock of all this continues to set in, ultimate and primary focus needs to be on the lives of the victims – men, women and children whose world has been and will be forever changed by a chemical spill that was not their fault, was out of their control and is impacting them in ways those who knew, refused to tell them about.