Think About It. How Much Do We Really Want Corruption And Cronyism To Be Uprooted?

BREAKCHAINSIf it meant that your beloved politician would be hauled off to jail; if it meant no more easy street based on who you know instead of what you know; no more getting unlawful tips as well as kickbacks and bribes under the table; no more promotions and positions you don’t qualify for nor deserve but get because of political connections; no more getting around laws and policies by placing a phone call to someone higher up; no more being able to pay someone to “do you a favor” that involves lawbreaking; no longer being able to flash a secret society ring in order to make sure you come out ahead regardless of law and policy; no more being able to command fear and obedience because of who you are linked to politically; no more unjust preferential treatment based only and solely on which politician/Party you support…

No more slacking off at work, breaking rules and robbing the man of his time and/or resources but getting away with it because of who you are connected to; no more government contracts and government jobs “off the books” and/or as political gifts and bribes; no more license and permission to abuse and victimize others because your Party is in power; no more political protection for wrongdoing; no more getting away with not paying your taxes and bills because of your political affiliation; no more getting ahead because of the politician you lotion instead of by hard work, skills, abilities, qualifications and competence; no more scholarships, awards and grants given only because of politics and no more putting people at the mercy of your “yes” or “no” based on who you believe they or their family support. IF ALL OF THESE THINGS AND MORE WERE TO COME UNDER FIRE AND BE PUNISHABLE BY JAIL TIME OR OTHER PENALTIES THAT ARE ENFORCED IN UPROOTING CORRUPTION AND CRONYISM, WOULD YOU TRULY WANT THEM UPROOTED? DO YOU WANT TO ACTUALLY WORK HARD AND FAIR AND EARN YOUR KEEP INSTEAD OF BEING ABLE TO GET ALL YOU CAN AND KEEP OTHERS DOWN AND OUT OF WHAT THEY ARE DUE SOLELY BECAUSE OF POLITICS AND CRONYISM?

And think about it. What truly angers many of us? Is it corruption purely for corruption’s sake and the damage it causes, or is it that others are getting their slice of that corruption pie, but we cannot?