Government Has Now Put Baha Mar Employees, Its Suppliers & Investors, The Project & Our Economy Under Grave Threat

Flag of The BahamasToday’s action by the government to hinder the developers of Baha Mar from being able to pay their staff and continue operating the property as they sort out Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings is an outrageous turn of events that smacks of corruption at the highest levels of this country. The Prime Minister initially said that his government would not take sides in this matter, a statement that in and of itself is alarming. But now it is clear that the government has sided and is siding with Chinese principals in this matter, by partnering with Chinese principals to ask our Supreme Court to delay a ruling that would enable Baha Mar to continue operations and pay staff. THE BAHAMAS GOVERNMENT HAS PARTNERED WITH A FOREIGN COUNTRY TO MAKE MOVES AGAINST BAHAMIANS. By making the move the government has made today, it has the potential of forcing Baha Mar to layoff its staff, and then the government – who would have caused the layoffs in the first place – would then come with taxpayer dollars to give the workers some money so as to make themselves look like heroes in a situation THEY CREATED. There are few if any decent words to describe what we are seeing take place in this country right now.