Baha Mar Workers Still Not Paid Yet – Do You Get It Now Bahamas?

DONTBEFOOLEDI told The Bahamas last week that the reason the government of The Bahamas did what it did by interfering in the financing issues of Baha Mar was to block the developer from being able to run the place and pay his workers. BAHA MAR ALREADY HAD THE MONIES LINED UP TO PAY ITS WORKERS ON PAYDAY THURSDAY AND HAD TO STOP PAYMENT BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT WENT TO COURT TEAMED UP WITH A FOREIGN AGENCY TO BLOCK BAHA MAR FROM BEING ABLE TO USE ITS FUNDS TO PAY WORKERS AND RUN THE HOTEL. Monday up to the point of this article, workers were STILL waiting for their monies to show up on their accounts even though the government sent out press releases trying to make the country think the workers received their monies via taxpayer dollars last week. If the government had not taken its traitorous, treacherous moves in court last week, the workers would have been paid by their employer who is supposed to pay them and had the money to pay them. Instead, our government, clearly in bed with foreign interests, is making moves against us and trying to make us turn against each other so we cannot see what they are really doing to us. This is not a game, this is BAHAMIAN PEOPLE’S LIVES that these politicians are damaging. DO YOU GET IT NOW BAHAMAS?