Bahamians Better Wake Up

WAKEUPBahamians are attacking one another, slandering one another, calling into radio talk shows berating one another – and why? Because of a situation in our nation and economy that involves our government partnering with another country’s interests and using that partnership to get Bahamians to start turning on one another. We as Bahamians better wake up and start realizing who and what our real threats are. Being an expatriate doesn’t automatically make you a demon – and being a Bahamian doesn’t automatically make you loyal or patriotic. Being white doesn’t automatically make you wicked, and being black doesn’t automatically make you righteous and vice versa. And being Bahamian doesn’t automatically mean you have no sense. Instead of getting riled up and caught up, we need to slow up, use our brain and WAKE UP – because the fires and damage that our politicians from all sides are stoking and creating on the altar of corruption in this country have the potential to turn into something many of us are not ready for and don’t want to see. Stop turning on and against one another for politicians fronting for offshore, across-the-globe interests whose aim is to take, take and take some more, and make, make, make some more – off the backs and land of you and me.