Where Is The $100 Million For New Bahamasair Planes Coming From & Has Pilot Training Been Arranged?

WhatsGoingOnWhere is the government getting $100 million from to buy new planes for Bahamasair? If this is to be paid for by borrowing, where is the Resolution that must be tabled, debated and passed in Parliament beforehand? And if it is from borrowing, why is this borrowing item not listed in Revenue Proceeds (Revenue Head 27) of the 2015/2016 Budget?

Also, during the Committee Stage of the Budget, questions were raised about whether pilot training for the new aircraft had already been arranged, given that the training – according to MPs in the debate – might have to be done in France. At the time, DPM Brave Davis could not give an answer to this question when asked, and claimed he would advise the Parliament of the answer if and when funding for the planes was secured. At that time, he also claimed the planes might be purchased via a “public/private sector partnership” – but he would not say who this “private sector partner” might be. Don’t ask me who buys planes before you have arranged how your pilots would be trained to fly them, but in any event – what is the answer to the question regarding pilot training for these new aircraft?