A Part Of The Credit Ratings Discussion That Politicians Are Missing

HOAIf our politicians on all sides understood the differences between some of the indicators Standard & Poors (S&P) and Moody’s use to make their credit rating and economic assessments, some of the comments they made on this issue this week would not have been made. And more importantly, if those differences and the ramifications thereof were understood, certain key decisions that have us at the point we are at today, would never have been made by our government in the first place. We need more depth and working knowledge among the powers that be in The Bahamas.

And this brings me to a crucial point about the knowledge level of those who seek high office, and the extent to which the public sector and consultants thereto are equipped and qualified to properly serve and guide those who would be elected to office. Are many persons in the sector knowledgeable and qualified, but are simply being ignored or sidelined because of politics and pettiness? On the issue of knowledge, a lot of talk is happening nowadays about how we need to get rid of all these “old people” in politics. To me, age is not an automatic qualifier or disqualifier – it is about what you bring to the table, how current and on point you are with your country’s needs and with global relations, your ability to adapt to the rigors of government and politics and how obsessed you are with holding onto “your spot”. Being young doesn’t automatically make you ready and being older doesn’t automatically make you useless, and vice versa. Right now the intellectual bar in Parliament is so low you can’t limbo under it. If that statement angers people – good – channel that anger into sensibly answering these questions: how can we get the best and the brightest in our nation to want to offer themselves for public service, and are the current major political parties in this country truly willing and desirous of having the best and the brightest take the reigns and steer this country in a better direction – even if it means they will wind up getting the influence that the “owners” of these political parties would rather die than to give up? THOSE WHO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES ARE BEING IGNORED OR MARGINALIZED, AND THOSE WHO DON’T HAVE A CLUE ARE MAKING ALL THE DECISIONS THAT ARE MAKING A TOTAL MESS OF THE PLACE. Begin to change this, and you’ll begin to solve some of our bigger problems.