Now, The Attorney General & Government Need To Answer To The Bahamian People

gavelIn the Baha Mar Court case Friday, the Court struck down the Winding Up Petition filed by the AG in July, ruling that her petition did not comply with the law. The Judge also rejected her petition’s claim that winding up Baha Mar was in the public’s interest. Now, our Constitution says the AG is supposed to be acting in OUR interests. What answer does the Government of The Bahamas have for us after they have interfered in Baha Mar, added further threat and delay to the development, complicated the careers of thousands of Bahamians, threatened our economy, caused our credit to get downgraded – ALL WITH A PETITION THAT THE JUDGE SAYS DID NOT EVEN COMPLY WITH THE LAW OF THE BAHAMAS. The government MUST account to The Bahamian people for this.