Medicine Shortages In The Bahamas

HealthcareSo, is the new way of life in The Bahamas having to live with consistent shortages of a wide range of medications? Not being able to afford medications is one problem. Drug safety is another major area of concern that does not appear to be monitored as it should be, and for quite some time now there is the consistent problem of medications almost never being available at medical facilities and at pharmacies. As I understand it, the powers that be know what the problems are and why they are taking place, but nothing is being done to correct the problems that run far deeper than just simple incompetence. This is a matter that has failed to capture the public attention it ought to capture, but Bahamians are facing this critical threat to their health daily. All this posturing politicians are doing in front of media cameras right now on their “me, me, me” grandstanding and self-worship crusades – who is actually doing or going to do what is necessary to address the deficiencies and corruption in our systems that directly impact and threaten our very LIFE & HEALTH?

As just one example of many, government officials and the medical and pharmaceutical communities know what is happening with controlled substance medications in this country that is causing continuous shortages of this particular group of meds, but nothing is being done to crack down on it. Meanwhile, Bahamians are suffering because of it.