I’m Watching & Paying Attention, But So Far What I See Is Very Discouraging – Change Needed ASAP

ballotboxAs a Bahamian and a voter, I pay INFORMED attention to what is happening in our country. And as a Bahamian, I’ve also been looking within myself and seeking God about additional things I need to do to contribute positively to my society; since depending on or looking to a politician for my personal progress has NEVER been what I’m about. That being said, the people we elect are critically important and every vote does matter. Honestly and regrettably though, the current political landscape has given me next to zero hope and less than zero inspiration. What I see the average Bahamian loving, accepting and praising with our politicians grieves my heart and frankly is sickening to me. I sincerely hope the landscape radically changes and positively evolves because I am worried about what will be left for any children I may bring into the world, as well as what is currently in place in this country for households such as mine – educated, law-abiding & hardworking Bahamian professionals who don’t guide our life by political colors or political personalities but rather by what’s best for the nation and society.