Storm Warnings For Hurricane Joaquin – So Now Some Are Acknowledging What Was Known & Published Fact From Day 1

FAILReaders know my documented articles and postings (primarily on Facebook Blog Page) on Hurricane Joaquin from the Tuesday night that the government decided to issue its first storm watch for the Central Bahamas. Readers also know the exact timeline I detailed for every single decision of government with respect to those watches and warnings from that late Tuesday night until the Saturday morning when all watches and warnings were discontinued – I need not repeat all of that documented work here in this post. Back then, a few people wanted to call those articles about our life and safety “being political” – as if a hurricane can vote. I will only repeat what I said back then – a formal inquiry into the government’s response to Hurricane Joaquin needs to be held, and the RIGHT PEOPLE, STARTING WITH THE CABINET OF THE BAHAMAS (because that is where the Constitutional responsibility begins) need to be held and made accountable for all that should and could have been done, but was not done for The Bahamian people in this natural disaster.

For those who are not aware, it is the Government of The Bahamas that is responsible for the ultimate decision to issue storm watches and warnings for The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. The declaration of storm watches and warnings is a sovereign decision (government decision). Joaquin was a storm system from the end of September. Every single time persons said the storm only formed when it got over The Bahamas – that was a lie. Basic calculations along with projected storm tracking would have made officials aware – as I said from that Tuesday night – that storm alerts ought to have been issued sooner than they were. As for a non-functioning radar at the Met Office, the first head that must roll for that is the Minister responsible – not because I say so – but because our Constitution & System of Government is clear about Ministerial Responsibility. As for NEMA, once again, the first head that should roll is the Minister responsible, since the Director of NEMA does not control NEMA in law – his Minister does. NEMA is not autonomous.