Bahamas Government’s Action Causes 2,000 People To Now Be Out Of A Job

Flag of The BahamasIt is with a very heavy heart that I write this article. Let me begin by expressing my deep sadness for all of the workers of Baha Mar, many of whom I have developed camaraderie with in the midst of this project’s upheaval.

Today, The Bahamas government’s provisional liquidators asked the Supreme Court to make Baha Mar’s 2,000 workers redundant and the Court approved the provisional liquidators’ request. Baha Mar did not terminate any workers. Baha Mar’s developers lost say in such a decision the day the Court gave the government what it sought from the Court – provisional liquidators over this private development. The provisional liquidators belong to the government’s court action, not Baha Mar. They only got into this because of the government’s court action against Baha Mar. The government asked for the provisional liquidators – the court gave it to them – and now the provisional liquidators have gotten the court’s permission to have all workers terminated as of Friday.

My in-depth commentary on the Baha Mar matter is a matter of public record and needs no repeating here. This is now the second massive disaster to hit this nation in less than one month – one natural (Joaquin), the other man-made (Bahamas Government, et al). Again, to all Baha Mar workers who remain close to my heart, I am so very sorry for this outcome.

The provisional liquidators said the company didn’t currently have the cash to continue – of course not – the government’s first court action stopped the Izmirlian family from being able to provide their own money in cash to continue operations. The provisional liquidators said they (the liquidators) tried to see if they could secure some funding on their own, and so far they could not. They didn’t need to try that were it not for the government’s actions – Izmirlian already had secured the monies – the government, through the Courts, prevented him from being able to put that money into the development. There are three (overt) parties here – the Izmirlians, China (via China ExIm and CCA) and The Bahamas Government. All have roles to play that have been played – but if The Bahamas Government thinks they are slick enough to think everyone is stupid enough or unaware enough not to understand what has gone down here, they may want to think again.