Stop The Charade With This Nation & Our Lives

ACCOUNTABILITY1 – The now unemployed workers of Baha Mar are eligible for temporary unemployment benefits through NIB. Has the government of The Bahamas made all NIB payments for staff during the period it disbursed salaries with the millions it already previously owed to Baha Mar but had refused to pay to Baha Mar?

2 – When Baha Mar filed for Chapter 11 Debtor in Possession Bankruptcy Protection, part of that filing involved the payment of monies to Baha Mar’s creditors. The government blocked that plan. So what is the way forward now for all those creditors?

3 – Bahamian taxpayers, including the affected workers, are paying for the government’s provisional liquidators in the Baha Mar matter – and as it turned out, Bahamians who are now out of job have been made to pay these persons to ultimately put them out of a job. How much of our tax dollars has the government spent so far on damaging our lives and our economy through their court actions?

4 – Will the government of The Bahamas tell the nation about the true status of its so-called “negotiations” with stakeholders in Baha Mar? Will the government tell the nation that it has not been able to get the Chinese stakeholders of Baha Mar to commit to any timelines whatsoever on the repair and completion of the resort properties? After standing in our Bahamian Courts and spending our tax dollars to pursue the interests of a foreign government’s agencies, go ahead and tell the nation why you cannot get what you claimed you were seeking from these agencies. And if there are truly any brave souls among you, why not go ahead and tell the nation what no active politician would likely dare to want to reveal or admit to their nation about what the larger behind-the-scenes issues at play here are, including the true game plan behind this entire scenario.

5 – Ratings agency Standard & Poors (S&P), after downgrading our sovereign credit in August, said it could downgrade us again in as little as six months depending on the outcome of the Baha Mar matter and its impact on key economic projections and performances. That was two months ago, and the government has no answer for the way forward. Another downgrade will take our credit to Junk status.