Homes Lost In Hurricane Joaquin – Did The Public Realize The Prime Minister Changed The Figure By Hundreds?

GOVTRESPONSE_HURRICANEJOAQUINA few weeks ago, Prime Minister Christie told the nation from Parliament that 836 homes were “completely destroyed” on all the affected islands. Yesterday, he turned around and said the same assessment groups that gave him the 836 figure, now say 600 homes need replacement OR repair.

#1 – Where did the other at-least 236 homes disappear to?
#2 – If 836 were completely destroyed as of several weeks ago, certainly far more than that number would still be standing, but be in need of repairs. There were almost no homes untouched or undamaged in some way by Hurricane Joaquin; they all would need some sort of repairs and that “replacement or repair” number would be far larger than being only part of this new total count of 600 homes impacted. If the claim now is that 600 homes are in need of replacement or repair, then that would mean that instead of 836 destroyed homes, even less than that 600 number would have been destroyed. So the officials counted at-least over 236 destroyed homes that never actually existed to begin with?

What is going on here? And what is the situation with all persons made homeless on the affected islands, and persons living in damaged structures not suitable for occupancy?