New Official Update On Hurricane Joaquin Response Required

GOVTRESPONSE_HURRICANEJOAQUINIn this world, attention span is short, people forget quickly, media is often on to the next in no time and politics and the gods in them that we worship quickly return to their thrones of attention. The Government needs to give a new official update on the status of the living conditions on all islands affected by Hurricane Joaquin. We need to know the state of home and business repair. How many homes have been repaired and replaced thus far? How many homeless storm victims have been given the temporary trailer-housing facilities the government claimed it paid for? How much money has been donated to NEMA to-date and what is the specific breakdown of how the money has been spent thus far? How have agencies like Social Services specifically assisted storm victims, including those who re-located to other islands immediately after the storm? We need to know the state of repairs to public infrastructure and facilities and the restoration of essential utilities to all areas. We need to know the state of physical and mental health post-storm. We need to know how the economies of those islands are faring now. We need to know the level of joblessness created by the storm. We need to know the condition of the children and their schooling/education on these islands. We need to know the environmental impacts of the storm. We need to know the impact and performance thus far of Exigency Orders. Weeks ago, State Minister Halkitis said not too many victims had taken advantage of the Exigency Orders up to that point. Of course not – if you have no money and no job, what items are you going to bring in from foreign within 90 days for duty and VAT exemption? We need to know what is going on to-date. Just because new stories have captured our attention does not mean the realities of the devastation caused by Joaquin have disappeared.