A Sex Offenders Registry – A Few Reasons We’re Not Likely To See It Happen Anytime Soon

crimeIn my view, there are three key reasons among other reasons behind why a Sex Offenders Registry may not be seen anytime soon. A first reason is that the value of children in general is far too low in our society. For too many of us, children are things; not humans with a soul too precious to play with. They are assets or liabilities. They many times become weapons in the wars we start when relationships turn sour, and they certainly are always the primary victims of our messed up mindsets and poor lifestyle choices.

A second reason is there are so many adults in this country ‘having sex’ with minors that the powers that be do not truly want a sex offenders registry to become an enforced part of our Penal Code. Statutory Rape is one of the most serious and rampant crimes in this country. Murder takes a life. Molestation and Statutory Rape do too – it’s just that the victim is still alive to tell or not tell about it. Too many of us know of adults who are child molesters and statutory rapists. They are our pastors, our church folk, our politicians, our public figures, our professionals, our co-workers, our neighbors, our relatives, our friends. They are some of us reading this article. Any adult who has sex with a minor under the age of 16 is committing Statutory Rape. Yes, Rape. Not juicin’ – Rape. And the offense carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. A minor cannot legally consent to sex no matter what their mouths or actions say or seem to say. Too often we attack the victim instead of the criminal because we do not understand that they are victims. And both girls and boys are victims. It does not matter how misguided or overly sexualized a child may be – Statutory Rape is Statutory Rape. We like to say “these gals too hot these days.” That came from somewhere – they learned that from somewhere – we just like to lie to ourselves about what that somewhere is. Children want a lot of things. As a parent, do you give your child whatever they want just because they say they want it? The law is there to protect children not only from others but from themselves.

If you are sexually attracted to a child you are sick and need help. There are enough adults more than willing to give it up freely. Go check them and leave minors alone. If you are a minor engaging in sexual activity, you also need help because you are a victim, and probably became a victim much earlier in your childhood. We need to change our mindsets about children and rape in this country. And we need to raise the age of sexual consent in this country to 18. We don’t allow young people to pick a candidate at the polls until 18, but we believe they are competent enough to pick something as serious as a sex partner at the tender age of 16?

Third reason – Do we truly want such a registry? Are we going to get mad and make noise when someone we are connected to has to be placed on such a registry? Will we take care of our children as we need to so that we can protect them as much as possible from predators whether their name is on such a registry or not? Mothers, are you going to stop pimping your daughters and sons or living in denial about their abuse just to keep a man around you? Are we going to keep lying to ourselves and the society because we rather risk a child’s soul than make a sex offender pay for his or her crimes? Many angry, violent young people and adults we see today are victims of sexual abuse who never dealt with the damage of that abuse. So the question is, do we want to stop the sickness, the lies, the secrets and the sexual abuse in this country – or is calling for a sex registry just a call we are making to look like we want to change what we will still do, cloak or turn a blind eye to anyway?