Understand How They See Us & What We Need To Change About Ourselves

WAKEUPWhen you hear politicians say: “we need to do so and so (whether it will hurt the country and the people or not), otherwise we might not win the election” – that kind of statement actually speaks worse of us than it does of them. Here is why: what they are really saying is – the people don’t check for the details or the impact of what we do and they don’t demand much to anything of us – so as long as we look like we have done what we tell them we have done, they will accept us, forgive us and let us get away with our mess.” And you know what? THEY ARE RIGHT. This is how many of us are as Bahamians. ALL FACTS. So what do we need to do? Stop proving the politicians right about this. Stop sitting back expecting something to change with them if nothing is changing about the way you respond to the things they do to your country and to you.