When A Shocking Crime Involving Minors Happens

STABBINGMy condolences to the parents, family and friends of the young Doris Johnson High School student brutally murdered by a group of apparent youngsters in broad daylight Wednesday. It is my hope that his murderers, as with all murderers, are brought to justice. There are many emotions and debates involving this senseless and tragic murder, and there are many angles to this discussion. I will focus on one of those angles for now as I have over the last three years:

PARENTS – what does the shock of this incident prompt you to change or improve or seek appropriate help for about the way you are raising your children or the problems you are having with them? Do you talk TO your children, instead of just talking AT them? Do you live by setting a good example, or by the rule of do as I say no matter what I do? SOCIETY, what has the shock of this prompted you to change or improve about your mindsets in life? THE HOME IS THE FIRST TEACHER. Too many children are growing up with no guidance, very little education and little to no hope depending on their home environment. They are being raised by the streets, by Hollywood and by a world where life has little to no value. Too many children are having children (which in itself may be the result of a sex crime). Too many males and females are sexing without care for the consequences – making babies they are not equipped to parent, cannot afford to raise and don’t even want to parent or own as their own. Their baggage becomes their child’s burden and poison. The end result is often children who turn into menaces to society, becoming self-destructive. Birth control costs little to nothing. Self-control is 100% free. TOO MANY FATHERS ARE MISSING & TOO MANY MOTHERS ARE MISSING THE KEYS THEY NEED TO BE GOOD MOTHERS. Too many boys don’t have anyone to teach them how to be a real man and too many girls don’t have anyone to teach them how to be a real woman. Some parents do try as best they know how, but in their struggle to make ends meet, they may fail to provide the physical presence, structure and guidance children need with so much out there today that can lead them astray. PARENTING IS THE MOST SERIOUS OF ALL JOBS, BUT TOO MANY DON’T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AT ALL. Too many people are bringing children into the world and have no clue as to how to rear that child toward becoming a productive member of society. THE HOME IS THE FIRST TEACHER – and in too many homes, children are being taught and exposed to all the wrong things. Then when we see the consequences, we are shocked and devastated.

WHEN SOMETHING TRAGIC LIKE THIS HAPPENS, WHAT DOES IT CAUSE YOU TO SIT DOWN, THINK ABOUT AND TRY TO CHANGE WHERE CHANGE IS NEEDED? Being shocked and angry and saddened are all normal and appropriate responses. The next question is – WHAT THEN? This commentary is not about suggesting that a parent is directly responsible for every single choice their child may make. It also is not seeking to suggest that a minor automatically does not know right from wrong. It is calling attention to the things we do and see every day but accept and encourage – until tragedy happens and then we all sit and ask “how could this happen?” UNTIL WE STOP LIVING IN DENIAL AND SLACKNESS ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE FIRST WAR ZONE IN OUR SOCIETY – MANY OF OUR HOMES – WE WILL CONTINUE TO WATCH THESE TRAGIC CRIMES OCCUR AND KEEP ASKING “HOW” and “WHY”. Yes, lawmakers have their important role to play in tackling crime. But Bahamas – THE HOME IS THE FIRST & MOST INFLUENTIAL TEACHER. WHAT ARE WE DOING TO AND WITH THE CHILDREN OF THIS COUNTRY that is causing what we are seeing today?