Stay Together – Division Must Be Fought At All Costs

15171138_10154330230707881_8189874215690033808_nThe People’s March has lit a fire and changed the game. Bahamians now see what they can do if they just step out and do it. In every movement it is harder to stay together than to get together. Higher levels, bigger devils. That is why you must guard against moves to break momentum by divide and conquer tactics. Support your leader and support one another. Don’t be content to merely ask “We marched, so now what?” Instead, ask what you can do to move the movement forward and get busy doing it.

The powers that be (and not every power player is in the Parliament), see what has happened and they hate it – which means they will try to break it through fear, intimidation, division, lies, propaganda and smoke & mirrors designed to smoke out those they think they can bribe, or “get straight” or cozy into betraying the cause. Don’t let it happen. Also recognize that there is a great deal of jealousy and personal fear that is stirred up in politicians and political hopefuls on all sides when they see the success of movements spearheaded by social and civic activists. They hate to see anyone not controlled by them doing what they are unable to do – because in politics, what you cannot control is the enemy to you.

Fighting the status quo is serious business and personal losses can happen – so your unity has to go beyond the march to fighting for one another every day. If you know persons are being hurt or messed with for the cause, don’t stay silent. It is easier to mess with one than to mess with all. Never allow your soldiers at the forefront to be or feel alone, because the person at the forefront will be the one taking many of the blows. A Bahamian in the person of Ranard has stepped forward to do what we all have said was needed. Let’s honor that by lifting him up, keeping him grounded and remembering that no man or woman can do this thing alone. Finally, remember that this is a human struggle and everyone involved is a human being – merits, faults and all. So be patient, be considerate, be humble and be encouraged as we the people push for a truly better day.

Together we win. #WeMarch