My Position On The Spoiled Ballot Proposition

ballotboxIf there are independent candidates or otherwise out there that you believe in, why not help them, whether they are in your constituency or not? If you truly believe in changing the landscape of the legislature, it does not matter whether a good candidate is your personal representative or not. Help that person to get a chance to make a difference. If the names on the ballot in your area are ones you truly cannot see yourself voting for, then help another Bahamian who has potential, to get his or her feet in the door. There are some good candidates who happen to be on a party ticket. But if the party is that repugnant to you, assist others to succeed. If you consider yourself to truly be a person of progressive influence, you should be able to influence people to action that actually counts toward progress. A vote for a Bahamian with potential, counts.

Anyone can influence people to do what amounts to nothing at the end of the day. That’s easy. It takes a real leader to get people to see the diamonds in the rough out there and to help develop them, since all of them could really benefit from the varying degrees of expertise that is out there. But by not voting for them or by encouraging others not to through spoiling one’s ballot, how are you helping the good candidates to have a chance? And by extension, how are you helping to change the legislature you claim needs to be purged of what exists? What is the point in encouraging good people to offer themselves for public service, only to encourage the voters who must elect them, not to elect them? That is the highest form of hypocrisy and idiocy. And then we wonder why the good ones want nothing to do with the process. Why put your life and that of your family on the line only for the people “who are supposed to have sense” to be the very ones encouraging the electorate to block your chances? The general frustration that exists in the electorate is completely legitimate. I fault no one for being disgusted with the major parties. I certainly have my own disgust. But take your frustration and disgust and use it to help those who are trying to get in and make a difference. Pious passive-aggressiveness can sometimes be the greatest form of arrogance and self-deception at the end of the day.