Do We Really Want Our Financial Mess Fixed? Do We?

Fixing our financial free-fall is not going to happen by making a bunch of us happy in the short to medium term. To get our financial house in order will take making many of us angry – very angry. It is going to take MPs and Ministers who are prepared to become unpopular with their constituents and the general public as hard and painful decisions must be made. It’s going to take Ministers being prepared to become the enemy in some of our eyes in order to reverse our downward trends. It’s going to take national sacrifice – and this is what the public is not being told. Believe it or not, many of us still do not believe that things are all that bad. And despite all we are hearing thus far during the current Budget debate, we still want our government jobs and appointments. We still want our mutton and our gravy. We still want our perks and kickbacks. We still want it all. Getting the house in order will require each of us as Bahamians evaluating what really matters to us, what we must take personal responsibility for, and what we must do for ourselves for growth and change. Our MPs and Ministers will not only need knowledge and skill, but courage. No politician wants to become the poster-child for sacrifice, cut backs and unpopular decisions. They will need to decide now what is going to be most important – getting this country back on track even if it means losing political support, or staying in everyone’s good books in the hopes of getting re-elected and achieving personal goals and ambitions. Hard though necessary decisions will sting early on, but whether or not he or she politically triumphs in the end, real nation-builders are prepared to weather it together with their people until we can once again see the light of day. Do we really want our financial mess fixed? Do we? Time will tell – and we do not have much time anymore to decide.