I’m Grand Bahamian & I Support Assisting Dominica’s Storm Victims

Personally, I have no problem with us assisting the children of Dominica. I do not believe that providing help to those in need will suddenly make us destitute or less able to be helped, and I live in Grand Bahama where things have been tough for years. Were it not for foreign aid, from the United States in the North to Jamaica in the South, our island would have suffered even more pain than it did during Frances and would still be in darkness after Hurricane Matthew last year. When we saw those foreign guys on those poles fixing our light, we didn’t block them at the border or tell them get out of our country because you are not Bahamian. We didn’t block our borders in West End to foreign groups who came in bringing relief supplies. Their countries have major problems too. Their households undoubtedly have their challenges. We welcomed them with open arms because we needed them and will need them again should, God forbid, we get hit with more major hurricanes.

Yes, we do have problems in our country and yes, many of us do feel marginalized. Yes, the government does need to give us the actionable, detailed way forward for our island. Yes, the struggle is real. Yes, residents are hurting. But that has not caused me to harden my heart toward anyone, whether Bahamian or any other nationality. They say closed mouths don’t get fed. True. Closed hands and a closed heart won’t get needs met either. I’m sickened by the politics and self-aggrandizement that has taken center stage in this matter, and saddened at how this whole matter has deteriorated – most especially since children are involved.