Who Are The Urban Renewal Workers DPM Davis Claims Were Re-Hired?

Minister of Works Brave Davis was quoted in a national daily last week as saying that some of the persons recently let go from Urban Renewal have been re-hired following their re-application for their previously held posts. The daily went on to point out that Mr. Davis did not indicate how many persons had been re-hired.

But a check with the relevant authorities revealed that none of the Urban Renewal workers in New Providence have been re-hired since their release from the programme. At least one employee in Grand Bahama was retained. Authorities with the programme indicated that they know nothing of any re-hires in the programme in Nassau.

Since Mr. Davis is the Minister responsible for Urban Renewal, and would have direct knowledge of workers he brings in on contracts, the Minister should be able to tell the public the number of people he re-hired for the Urban Renewal programme, and who they are. He in fact, should have been able to provide this information to the national daily upon its inquiry to him last week on the matter.

One of the affected former employees, now struggling with the added pressures of back-to-school expenses, told this blog:

“Upon reading an article in one of the dailies the Minister responsible for Urban Renewal Brave Davis stated that persons were rehired whose contracts were not renewed on June 30th. I’ve been one of those employees and knowing all who received the same fate as myself, I immediately contacted my co-workers to find out if there was any truth to this press release by the Minister. Through my findings not one person here in New Providence whose contract was not renewed was rehired at Urban Renewal..It’s sad that the Minister deemed it necessary to speak such a fallacy… No surprise though. I was made to understand that he allegedly personally did his investigations on each employee and their political affiliation.

“This entire ordeal has been beyond stressful for a single mother who was employed and is now not able to provide the bare necessities for her children… I wonder if Mr. Davis knows how he has negatively impacted the lives of my children and myself… It’s heart wrenching to look at my six-year-old and say “no hun we can’t stop to Wendy’s today”, a treat he got on the weekends that we could no longer do, due to the fact of all the overhead bills with no income coming in. I wonder if Mr. Davis knows what it is to not be able to pay rent or utilities because you have to weigh out which one is more important. The most difficult time is back to school, not being able to go to the uniform store to purchase uniforms because you just cannot afford it.

“Due to a project that my fellow FNMs did, the workers who were sent packing from Urban were able to breathe a sigh of relief. There were persons who were willing to help outfit our kids for school, these people reached deep into their pockets and sure were their brothers’ keepers. I’ve been a proud individual, never ever in my life having to look for others for this type of support and it was a hard pill to swallow and I had to…My family has been a tremendous support but why should they carry me?

“I was employed, went to work everyday, performed and received an evaluation stating I was a great employee and an asset to the program. I am now unemployed and every day I’m sending out a countless amount of resumes and not one person has called to even offer an interview. If I was not a strong-willed individual whose motto is never to give up, I truly don’t know where or what state I would be in now. I am not in this state because I am a lousy, lazy individual. I am in this state because I chose to exercise my constitutional rights and vote for the party of my choice. I cry shame on this government who has done some reprehensible damage to our people by the blatant acts of victimization.”