Ministers, What Are All These Handguns For?

Have you at any point since the general election sat down, put your politics aside and given serious, mature thought to why, for the first time in an Independent Bahamas, our Cabinet Ministers are armed with handguns, weapons that you and I can’t carry? Politics so clouds us that very little gets intelligently and objectively discussed, but ask yourself. If an armed Minister ever decides he or she needs to use that weapon, who are they going to use it on? Either you or me – the Bahamian public. What personal danger or threat coming from any of us is so great that the people we elected need to have a loaded handgun standing between us and them?

Our Ministers are already guarded by armed Royal Bahamas Police Force officers – more protection than you or I will ever have in our day to day lives. Several handguns guarding you, but yet you still need your own handgun as well? To protect you from what, is what the Bahamian people ought to demand to know. 

Is it that they are scared of the crime rate? Serious crime, according to the Government is down this year. Armed robberies on the other hand are up significantly – any one of us can become a victim at any time. It is a very real threat that the Force says exists, but if you or I apply for a handgun and cite that as the reason for wanting it, we will still be turned down, denied the ability to protect ourselves with a licensed handgun from the very real threat of criminals around us. We are Bahamians just like our MP. We are part of our communities just like our MP. We shop in the same stores, eat at the same restaurants, attend the same churches, use the same roadways, enjoy the same parks and beaches.


So the obvious question is, what is going on around us they know about that we don’t? And if they know about it, how come they have not told you and me? Your safety and that of your family is just as important as anyone else’s safety, whether they be a politician or not. Our MP came to our house to ask for our vote, and they weren’t scared then. Now they are so scared of us that they need to carry a gun around you and me?

Now you and I know, if someone is scared every day that someone is going to do something to them, it is most likely because they have done something or gotten themselves into something and are now in fear for their life because of it. If you or I are afraid to that extent, we know why, we know who is after us or who could be after us.

Who would be after any of our Ministers of the Government? What would any of our Ministers be involved in or have been involved in that should cause them to look over their shoulder and be strapped with a handgun? When a police officer shoots someone, many of us automatically think that the officer probably killed the person when he or she did not need to. If we cannot give our police officers the benefit of the doubt, and their job is to keep you and I safe, how does a government Minister get that benefit if we hear that he or she shot somebody last night? 

These Ministers are our next door neighbors. If they do not feel safe in their home and they live next door to you, then why should you feel safe, and you are not a politician who can get armed police to guard you if need be? You’ve got to fend for yourself.

There is an old saying: “do nothing, fear nothing.” Our Ministers are in fear. What did they do? 

Think about it.