Gov’t Salary Deductions for Police Reportedly Unpaid to Banks

Members of the Police Credit Union report that salary deductions taken from their pay by the government have not been sent for the past two months to the various banking institutions to which they are designated, the total amount of which reportedly being a substantial sum in overdue payments.

In the Public Service, salary deductions are handled differently than the process of salary deductions persons in the private sector may be accustomed to. In the private sector, if you have a loan granted on the basis of a salary assignment, the banking institution deducts what is owed to them for that particular payment cycle and then gives to the client what is left of their salary after deductions.

In the Public Service, salary deductions are done by the Public Treasury, and then sent as a deposit order that is separate from the actual pay-day salaries it deposits to the country’s banking institutions. So when you have a salary assignment as a government worker, it is the government that subtracts then sends the money to the designated banks where loans, etc are owed.

Banking institutions receive government salary deductions between the 10th and 15th of every month. Members of the Police Credit Union say their banks have not received payments for the months of September and October.

We ask the Government to advise on the status of salary deductions for members of the Police Credit Union, and to advise on why the payments, according to these members, are two months late.

The Government should also advise the public on why its bills to other vendors and business places have not been paid since the change in administration in May of this year. Vendors have indicated that they have been unable to get the government to settle outstanding bills and debts for services rendered over the past several months.