ZNS Still Isn’t Cutting It After All These Years

After all these decades, ZNS still does not provide up-to-the-minute coverage of hurricanes that affect our islands. ZNS gets millions of dollars of tax payer money each year (most of which that has gone to salaries), and taxpayers still have to turn to U.S stations for storm information – information that of course will not be specific to islands of The Bahamas.

I applaud the private stations that provide coverage, but my demands with them cannot be the same as my demands with ZNS. I do not pay for the private stations to operate – I as a taxpayer however, do pay for ZNS to be on the air.

If after all these decades ZNS still cannot do what every Bahamian who has ever been exposed to a radio or Cable TV would clearly expect of “the national voice” – then what is the point, and why are our millions still being allocated for ZNS without us receiving the returns we should be getting?