Suicides in The Bahamas

Suicide is not rare, but for The Bahamas it tends to be met with uncomfortable shock and confusion. The best way to begin to understand the many factors that can contribute to a person taking their own life, is by doing just that – beginning to understand. And we do that through education.

In The Bahamas, the understanding of mental illnesses like major depression, personality disorders and psychosis is so low, it makes it very difficult for persons who may be hurting and need help to either admit it or seek help for it, because the stigma and shame is something they do not want to face.

The internet makes knowledge today very easy. I encourage us as Bahamians to begin to read more about these medical issues (and yes, they are real medical issues, not just things that are all in an overly emotional person’s head). The more we begin to learn about the struggles that many Bahamians at this very moment are going through, the sooner family and friends can learn how to be of help to their loved ones, and the sooner we can begin to move into productive national dialog and also hopefully much needed legislative amendments to the Mental Health Act in our country to facilitate the improvement of the mental health sector in our country.

Poems by Me (All Rights Reserved)GET OVER ITSometimes something can hit you so deep,
That you just cant “get over it”
Isn’t that what people like to tell you?
“Let it go”, “Get Over it”, “Move on”
That’s the type of society we live in
Everybody wants everything right now
Including for you to get outta their hair with your pain.

But there are some things in life you just don’t get over like that.
Some things that hit you so hard your entire world is changed in an instant.
This is why people lose their minds you know,
Because we insist on people lying about their pain.
We insist on them pretending to be okay when they are not,
Because we are unwilling or unable to walk with them and stand with them
And so we force them to lie,
And sometimes, push them to die.

Poems by Me (All Rights Reserved)

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