Fear of Your Own Government

No moral, decent leader who is truly a democrat would ever be remotely content with knowing he or she presides over a nation wrought with fear dealt out at the hands of his or her own administration.

I’ve sat in General Assemblies of the United Nations and global summits, and whenever the leader of a repressive regime takes the platform, the atmosphere of these global gatherings sours. There is a distinct level of shame and disgust that is evident in the room when these types of leaders stand before other leaders of nations around the world, and dare to speak on the human condition.

I was always proud when The Bahamas took the podium – nothing but respect and admiration filled the august halls. That was before May 7, 2012.

Here at home, you can be supportive of the present government as much as you wish, as it is your right to do so, but if you are so supportive of them or any administration for that matter, that you cannot see or refuse to see what your neighbour is forced to go through at its hands, you are not a patriot, you are a puppet.

And if you are a professed Christian or churchgoer with the same sickness, you are a pious puppet. Every day, more and more Bahamians grow fearful of speaking their minds or being publicly affiliated with any grouping, political or otherwise that they feel might displease the Party in power, because they do not want their jobs or livelihoods to be in danger.

Truly honest Bahamians know of family, friends, associates, etc who are catching hell on their jobs at the hands of their employers or superiors because of politics. Jobless persons are afraid that if they apply for work somewhere and someone knows they are FNM, that could mean an automatic rejection.

This is The Bahamas in 2012.

For those who are truly living in fear and have changed the way you do things because you don’t want to lose your job, I cannot judge you – because everybody has to eat. For those who want to take a stand and are doing so, I will not tell you to back down, because this is life – either get busy living or get busy dying – you’ve got to do what your soul and spirit says you must do.

But to the government who has decided that now that the Bahamian people have given you power, you are going to use it as though there is no God who knows all and sees all, I say this – you are a disgrace. You are cowards. You are less than unworthy, because real men and women govern through wisdom, skill, integrity, honesty, humility and above all, reverence to God.

It is easy to get someone to fear you – anyone with half a brain and an even smaller heart can do that. It is not so easy to get someone to respect you, and for many of you, your moral code is so low to non-existent, that you do not care whether the people respect you or not. But you don’t have to care you know – there is a God who does care, and who controls the breath we all breathe, including you, though you live as though the spirit in you came from you.

May the fear you inflict upon others be greatly multiplied in your own heart such that you know no peace until you right your wrong, and may the injustice you plot during your waking hours salt the tears you will cry when God decides that the time for wickedness is over, and the time for judgment, is now.