What’s To Stop a Gun Massacre From Happening in The Bahamas?

realtalkThe other day, we had an incident at a nightclub in Nassau where a shooter allegedly walked into the club and started spraying the crowd with bullets from an automatic assault weapon.

We already know that the number of illegal guns in this country is disproportionately high and we know that most murders and attempted murders in this country are committed by guns.

There is no such thing as “it cannot happen here”. It happens all over the world, not just the United States. This week we watched 20 six and seven-year olds and 6 of their teachers murdered by a lone gunman at a Connecticut primary school.Yes our country is spread out over many islands and cays, but this country is small – meaning not much happens that someone, somewhere does not know something about, and a lot of times the persons with knowledge are persons in positions of power and authority in this country. We don’t make guns in this country, if they are here, they are being brought in.

May the illegal gun smuggling into this country that notable people aid, abet and profit from not result one day in our seeing and experiencing what others in countries around the world have experienced at the hands of gunmen, whether they be mentally ill or otherwise.